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Become a Academic Legionnaire!

What could be better? Change a kid’s life for the better! When you help all kids do better in school, you can change the course of their lives. Our Academic Legionnaires are more than just volunteers, they are a Legion in the community that will forever change the course of history one child at a time!

It’s more than service! You are part of the Academic Legionnaires! 

You will earn service credit and recognition through our Legionnaire Rank Recognition Program (LRRP). From Academic Legionnaire to Chief Academic Legionnaire you will love being part of this distinctive network! Your community is greatful!

Meet Others

Join our private online community and engage with some awesome people. Meet folks from all backgrounds that seek to serve like you. You to will learn a great deal and form lasting meaningful relationships!

Become a Legionnaire: About

Join the Legion

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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Become a Legionnaire: Job Application
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